vendredi 12 août 2016

news distro juin 2016

Cloaca / Récidive (les morceaux du vinyle, disbeat thrash punk canadien et de metz) 4€

Lakmé (2016, emo hardcore tchèque classe, samuel rds) 4€
Past (repressage de la démo, post punk cold new wave tchèque chant féminin, samuel rds) 4€

Marvin 'barry' (noise rock de montpellier, head rds) 10€
Morse 'beliefs destroyer' (hardcore lourd et malsain de montpellier, head rds) 10€
Verdun 'the eternal drift...' (double vinyle, doom sludge de montpellier, head rds) 15€
Suma / Pyramido (doom metal suédois et allemand, head rds) 10€
Landmine spring 'complete ride session' (rockin hardcore tchèque avec de la mélodie, samuel rds) 8€

news distro mai 2016

Gloria kills "falling" (indie rock duo rouennais) 4€

Active minds 'new puppets same old machine' (2015, hardcore punk rapide mélo politisé duo anglais légendaire, looney tunes rds) 4€
Active minds 'the storm before the calm' (2016, hardcore punk rapide mélo politisé duo anglais légendaire, looney tunes rds) 4€

Verbal razors 'misleading innocence' (vinyl+ cd, thrashcore mortellement bien de tours, 2e album, dirty guys rock) 10€
Violet cold 'desperate dreams' (post punk anglais assez surprenant, recommandé, looney tunes) 8€

lundi 8 août 2016

a melodic release for 2016, an indie one

Red gloves 'night gap' LP
french amazing indie punk rock from besançon, france with guys from nothing to prove, irradiates, hawaï samouraï
Recorded by Yann Morel and Sébastien Descamps at Cube Studio, autumn 2015.
Mixed by Brian McTernan at Salad Days.

Mastered by Paul Leavitt at Valencia Recording.
Design by John Yates at
All songs by Red Gloves except ‘Secret Dream’ 
(lyrics by Sylvain Bombled, music by Red Gloves).
Guest backups on ‘Flight Turbulence’ and ‘Love Reaction’ by Anna Loretta and Zz.
10 songs 8 euros

mercredi 27 juillet 2016

a local split release for 2016, a violence goth one!

Rvines / Valeskja valcav split 7"
french violence crasse saloperie and acid goth both from rouen, france
4 songs from rvines and 1 song from valeskja valcav
artwork by samuel antonin
4 euros

mardi 5 juillet 2016

another split release for 2016, a long awaited one !

Ed warner / Mental distress split 7"
french fast punk hardcore from tours and strasbourg, france
all star bands with members of urban struggle, severe gouine, more dangerous than a thousand rioters
5 songs from ed warner aand 4 songs from mental distress
5 different colors of vinyl, pick one !
artwork by sa majesté des mouches

jeudi 16 juin 2016

a split punk release in 2016, a fast one!

Cloaca / Récidive split 7"
canadian and french disbeat thrash punk from montréal, canada and fast punk from metz, france
cloaca with ex-members from youssouf today, retsar baï naïm, strong as ten
3 songs from them, 2 originals and 1 cover (bastard)
4 songs from récidive
white vinyl
color cover done my val l'enclume
handmade color silkscreen lyrics sheet done by l'orchidoclaste

jeudi 9 juin 2016

a grinding release for 2016, a golden one!

Bain de sang 'we are the blood we are the fear' one side LP
french powerful grind hardcore between nasum, nails and all pigs must die with a touch of indecision
featuring ex-members of judo boy, comity, blockheads
golden silkscreen cover on black paper AND golden silkscreen artwork on b side
co release with dingleberry and uptoeleven
9 songs 8 euros