mardi 21 février 2017

a fast release for 2017, a female fronted one!

Mental distress 7"
french fast hardcore punk from strasbourg, france
female voice, it follows the split 7" with ed warner
5 songs 4 euros
AVAILABLE in black or pink or transparent vinyl

mardi 14 février 2017

a fourth cover release for 2017, a strong one!

Strong as ten 'fifteen strong covers' tape
french fast thrash hardcore punk from metz, france
15 covers from 15 legendary bands from all around the world
pro tape, yellow and black
artwork by almighty nagawika
limited edition of 200 copies
3 euros

dimanche 29 janvier 2017

a third emo release for 2017, a limited one!

Child meadow 'it hurts' lp
french powerful emo hardcore punk duo from toulon, france
with the guys from bokanovsky, grand détour
8 songs supposed to be released as the third part of the split with remek and paper plane crash, as the last ones split up, the band decided to put it out anyway
artwork by ours
handmade silkscreen cover done by les presses ambulatoires
limited to 250 copies
8 euros

vendredi 20 janvier 2017

a second melodic release for 2017, a chaotic one!

Fake off 'boréal' lp
french melodic chaotic hardcore from lille, france
5 songs
clear with pink splatter vinyl
7 euros

vendredi 13 janvier 2017

news distro nov 2016

l'histoire de Crass (par george berger, 432 pages, rytrut) 20€

Barren? (anarchopunk chant féminin de paris, classe, autoprod) prix libre

Makach (punk hardcore de lille engagé, maloka) 4€
Regret (hardcore punk crust intense et puissant anglais, ex-bring to ruins, maloka) 4€
La société elle a mauvaise haleine (anarchopunk rageur de lille, maloka) 4€
Syndrome 81 'single series' (punk hardcore oï de brest chant en français, de mieux en mieux, build me a bomb) 4€
Youth avoiders 'spare parts' (hardcore punk de paris incontournable, build me a bomb) 4€

Sycomore 'phantom wax' (metal rock d'amiens, ex-anorak, autoprod) 7€

news distro oct 2016

The hammer / Coupe gorge (hardcore anglais et oï français qui arrache bien, straight and alert) 4€

The hammer (hardcore anglais bien véner, straight and alert) 4€
Modern delusion / Chresus jist (synth punk croate et lo fi punk serbe, bon split croato/serbe, pas la guerre, crapoulet) 4€

Nakam (hardcore punk brutal allemand, crapoulet) 8€

a first sentimental release for 2017, a hairy one!

Catherine Schwartz LP
french sentimental punk from rouen, france
1 side lp with lyrics glued on the other side
7 songs in french
artwork by waldo steeple remove from his painting
handmade silkscreen printing by almighty nico tdm directly on the plastic sleeve (
7 euros